Saturday, 29 September 2007


"It was a total charade and has been exposed as a charade, I have never heard a more humiliating speech by a major leader. He [Mr Bush] was trying to present himself as a leader while showing no sign of leadership. It was a total failure."

----------ing George ----ing W ----ing Bush, the complete ----. The ----------ing cheek of the ----er is ----ing unbelievable.

According to him, "our understanding of the science (of climate change) has moved on", and "clean technologies like nuclear power and clean coal would protect the economy as well as the environment." ----------er.

OUR understanding? You ----ing ----bag. Patronising ----ing ----. Clean technologies like nuclear and clean coal? You ----ing ----less ----face ----stick. ---- you! Coming into the ----ing debate like some ----------ing saviour, when actually you´re just a big ---- who´s full of horse ----. Where are the ----ing renewables, and how dare he ----ing call on the world to cut ----ing emissions and then refuse to make ----------ing commitments him------self?!

He, like some big -w--, thinks we can save the world while continuing America´s ----ing high energy consumption lifestyle. We ----ing can´t, ----. You want your big ----ing cars and your ----------ing flights all over the ----ing ----------er? Then forget about ----ing climate change, ´cause with that ----------ing attitude you ain´t gonna do ---t about it.

Of COURSE lifestyles in the west are going to have to ----ing change, and we can only ----ing do it if every ----------er on the ----ing planet agrees. "Working with the United ----ing Nations towards a long-term ----------ing goal on greenhouse gases" is ----ing pathetic. Especially when everyone else already wants binding ----ing agreements and America´s been rejecting the idea.

George ----nut Bush can take his global ----------ing summits and stick them up his ----ing ---.

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