Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Get yer own stories.

Now, the producer of the Harry Potter films is going to make a Paddington Bear film.

Big movie producers are fast becoming as popular with me as advertisers and marketers. Why is it necessary to make a Paddington Bear film?

Well, money, probably.. the producer can rely on the army of manipulatable kids in the world, and stupid "kidults" who'll go and see it for nostalgic purposes. Urgh.

Films of books are never as good as the book in question. Never. Sometimes they're OK, but never ever as good. Books do things films can't - especially in terms of detail and length, and obviously cinema can do things books can't, in the visual-auditory sense.

I want to see original cinema, a story I don't know. I don't want someone else's imagined version of a book I like impinging on mine. I have never seen the film of Catch 22 for that reason. I don't want to ruin it.

It's a measure of how unadventurous people can be, that they read Harry Potter, then go off excitedly to see the films too.

Film makers! Stop being lazy! You are encouraging the public to be lazy! Challenge people: treat them like idiots and they act like idiots. Everyone is capable of more than this. Stop pandering to people; try to wake them up. Everyone will benefit.

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