Wednesday, 5 September 2007

no it doesn't

Two things: Yoga, and animal sacrifice.

My issues with these stories? Firstly, as if it has to be said, killing goats does not in any way fix aircraft. No matter how much you believe it does, it doesn't.

Secondly, while I am happily ignorant of the joys of Yoga, I am quite sure that Shiva the maverick, dreadlocked god of destruction and regeneration NEVER manipulated his body into 8,400,000 postures, to reveal the basic animal instincts and desires that motivate us.
8 positions, or 4 positions... or even 84 positions... but 8,400,000? Fuck off! He never bloody did! Lying bastard!

(He didn't have four goddamn arms, either)

Still, I'm sure the rest of Hinduism is COMPLETELY sensible, just like all the other ones...

(God made Eve from Adam's rib? No, he didn't!
Mohammed heard the direct word of God? Erm, I think not!)

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