Friday, 14 September 2007

Paddington Bear, Sell-Out

Here's Paddington bear, from deepest, darkest Peru, and my childhood in books and on TV:

Nothing particularly offensive there. It's from early enough in my life that I only have good feelings about it - I knew Paddington long before I knew anything about cynicism (for example).
Paddington Bear.



But wait a minute! I should know by now to always be vigilant, and prepared, in the face of a group of BASTARDS who would take any piece of childhood nostalgia and ruin it by using it to sell me stuff.
Anyone around my age or above will remember Paddington Bear, some of us are BASTARDS and work in advertising, and are obviously overjoyed at taking the opportunity of raping our Paddington memories by bringing him back to sell Marmite*.
You can see it here.

Like Hollywood, where it's only a matter of time before your favourite movie is remade (or worse, re-imagined by that goth-git Tim Burton), the advertising world (which is below Hell) has no ideas of it's own, and profits by co-opting any part of popular culture it sees fit. Actually, they occasionally do have their own ideas, but only ones like the Lynx/Axe adverts, which are perhaps even more pernicious.

As 'The Sun' would say: Ban This Sick Filth!

Or, as Bill Hicks would say, to people "in advertising: Kill yourself."

*condensed evil, in a jar, to be spread on toast by the children of Satan.


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