Friday, 28 September 2007

ready, aim, fire

Fox News idiot Bill O'Reilly, whose non-stop vicious conservative tirades are apparently quite popular in the US, is in trouble for saying something racist... he was apparently surprised that a "black" restaurant was normal and civilised.

Well, one should expect such comments from a pig ignorant, stultifyingly ill-informed and rabid git like him.

But I was watching him on Fox news - there's an example below - and it made me think that perhaps people are wrong to criticise Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin for closing down TV channels. As I speak neither Russian nor Venezuelan (I know!!), I can't say what the shut-down channels were like, but if they were anything like Fox News, then they SHOULD have been closed down.

People might think that's anti-free speech, but it's not.

I think it's good that absolute shit-for-brains have the opportunity to express their moronic views in public, but there should not be channels devoted to this. A TV channel should be responsible and unbiased. Allow a range of views to be heard, so "the people" can decide what's right or wrong. TV is powerful, and especially with news, it can shape their world view, so it must be handled properly, and fairly.

Fox News spends 24 hours a day promoting a conservative agenda. That is biased and irresponsible.

So I would have it taken off the air.

And the management taken out and shot.


Here's Billy O'bumface in action, anyway, chatting with Richard Dawkins.

oh, and in case you haven't seen the Phil Collins Gorilla, watch it here.

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