Monday, 10 September 2007

a reasoned response to religion is torture. one of the conclusions that Sam Harris appears to make in his book "The End of Faith", which I, mercifully, have finished.

I will boil this "remarkable" book down to it's basics:

1: 9/11.
2: Religion is, like, not rational, and religious books say bad stuff.
..well, not surprising, but ok...
3. 9/11.
4: Islam is a religion - but the worst kind - and we have to wage war against it., hang on a moment...
5: Collateral damage and torture are ethical responses to Islamic fundamentalist terrorism (including the war in Iraq).
..oh no, this book is ACTUALLY not liberal, but right-wing-mentalism masquerading as rationalism! eek!..
6: 9/11.
4: The world would be better if everyone got into eastern-quasi religious "spiritualism" and meditated, lost their sense of self and became one with the universe.

...I'm not kidding; that actually happens in this book.
So, go forth, meditate, torture some Muslims, and DO NOT criticise America: it's just trying to to it's best in a big bad world!! Boohoohoohoo. 9/11 9/11 9/11.

Such a shame, as I think religion is not a good place for people to put their brains and beliefs... but that doesn't lead me to feel the need to wage war against a supposed coherent "Islamic world" which exists solely to destroy us.
I must point out also, that this book doesn't hang together well, and it's often unclear exactly what he's trying to say.

Bah, still, think of a good title to stick on your poorly thought out ideas, and it'll sell.

I bought it.


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