Wednesday, 5 September 2007


As I don't usually have the pleasure of living in Her Majesty's European off-shoot, to be quite honest I'd missed out on Amy Winehouse.
Now I've had that pleasure, I have to say, I'm not bothered. But the press!!
Tabloid and serious papers alike are so far up her bottom, it's sickening.

Here's what a BBC journalist Ian Youngs said about Mercury Music Award loser Whinehouse's performance last night: "it was a stunning performance. Sensational. Spine-tingling. The stuff legends really are made of."

Well if that's what Ian Youngs thinks, then I predict he's the kind of guy that buys 3 albums a year, mostly by Sting and Maria Carey. It was a performance, yes, but spine-tingling? No. Only if you are a media twat wrapped up in "Amy's story", and you are gushing because...
...she's overcome her drug haze to perform. She's in masses of drug pain, but she's performing for us. We are special, and, in witnessing this performance, we too are part of "Amy's pain".
It's the music that matters, surely? And Amy's music seems to be beloved of the middle of the road crowd - hey, it's not suprising: she makes retro, smokey ballads and the like that will sit nice and quietly in the background at dinner parties. Usually such music is not made by people with massive drug problems, and it's pathetic how much fun (let's not be disingenuous) the press and public are having with her downward spiral. She's being a drug addled tragedy so we don't have to.

Kanye update: Chris Martin of Coldplay is on his new album. Do you need to know more? Kanye: May be damaging to your credibility.

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