Saturday, 1 September 2007

why hip hop sucks (very rude remix)

Kanye West and 50 Cent plan album showdown as rap record sales decline.
Well, if sales drop further, that'll be a good thing, 'cause hiphop sucks now. That it's come to a 50cent (shit-hop) or Kanye West (pisspop) showdown is sign of how far things have fallen. There's no point in discussing 50bent's artistic merits, as noone with ears would claim he has any, but Kanye... so many people seem to think he's good.

Well, can we stop that, please? He's not. Ok? His original production "thing", sped up soul samples, was nothing new, and on top of that sounded wack. His big hits have not been sample based, but full on rip off based, his current travesty of a single being a good example. Daft Punk should be ashamed of themselves for letting him use that. It's awful, with not only cliched lyrics, but badly written cliched lyrics that barely scan. And he looks like a nob in those glasses, too.

Fucking "stronger" by Kanye W. is the number one video at the moment... my fucking christ that's a pile of shit song. Some of my favourite moments from this "intellectual" rapper...

"you could be my black kate moss tonight"
what? your crack-buddy?

"well i'd do anything for a blonde-dike"
I wonder if he said that just because it rhymed with klondike.. anyway..

So, to sum up, Kanye wants a black-blonde-lesbian-crack addict??
Jesus, Kanye, calm down! What's wrong with a nice girl?

"man i've been waitin all night now
that's how long i've been on ya"
All night?? Ooh, such a long time. Honestly, this song, it doesn't work on any level at all. It's actually worse than Nelly.

Fuck him! Wanker! Fuck his fake-trying-to-be-credible-but-actually-weak-ass-piss-artist attempt at hip-hop. He's a cardy wearing, shit sampling cunt!

People say "yeah, but he's such a good/clever mc":
No he's not; he's a cunt!

He's not the opposite of shit like 50cent, he's the same side of a very shitty coin, that's buried in some shit. If you don't like 50 cent, don't be such a fucking prick and listen to Kanye West! It's ALL SHIT.
Did I mention he's a cunt? I forget.

Of course, there is good hip hop out there, but you're not going to see it on MTV or hear it on the radio. The money angle of the genre has got so ridiculous, it's no longer hip hop. Where as once working with an r&b singer was pretty much a sell out, today it's the norm, and many r&b singers actually seem to think they are hiphop. People like Timbaland? What the fuck is Nelly Furtado? That fat fuck is a hip hop as the tramp that sings Oasis songs on Canterbury high-street for pennies.

There is no credibility, no shame, and no skill left in mainstream hip hop. It should be left to die.

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StĂșlka said...

So it´s a luck, almost a miracle, that Kevin Barnes is going to save the whole hip hop thing from decadence