Wednesday, 24 October 2007

beardy wonder

...last week-ish J.K Rowling said that one of her characters in Harry Potter, Dumbledor, is gay. A gay man in a private school?? What a surprise.
Anyway, someone in the Gruaniad thinks she could have said so earlier, or made more of it in the books themselves... because, 'there are literally millions of young Harry Potter readers who will one day realise they are gay.' (I assume not BECAUSE they read Harry Potter.)
I haven't read any of the books, because I was about 20 when the series started, and the thing about being 20 is - YOU'RE NOT A CHILD - and I'm still not. There are still many more books for adults I have to read first... I digress; I haven't read them, but understand they're about a boy called Harry, who's at school. Why would we need to know about the relationships of one of the teachers? That would be a bit weird: It is for kids.
Anyway, although The Onion seems to be dropping in quality at the moment, these "what do you think" comments, on this subject, are pretty spot on :)

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