Monday, 29 October 2007

a conversation for grown-ups

David Cameron, erstwhile wobbly chinned leader of the Conswervative party, has called for a "grown up conversation" about immigration. He then vowed to cut immigration and said it was putting "immense" pressure on public services. Very grown up.
The chances of a grown up conversation about immigration with the Conservatives is tiny!
They don't even want a grown up conversation, they want to make immigration an "issue" so the press gets very childish and worked up about it, so we'll end up with Man On Street saying "I'm not racist, but they're comin' over 'ere takin' our jobs" blah blah blah.
When a report has just been released concluding there is a net benefit to the UK from immigration and there's no need for "cuts" to it, calling for cuts to immigration is a bit dim.

If David Cameron wants to be grown up, how about he attacks childish reporting on immigration like this?
And while we're being grown up; David Cameron can fuck off, too.

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