Wednesday, 17 October 2007

detox patches

Either "Migrants are a boon to UK economy", or, "Government finally admits: Immigration IS placing huge strain on Britain".

The first story is from The Guardian, and the second from The Daily-written-for-small-minded-shits-Mail.

In story one, immigrants add 6 billion pounds to the UK economy, in story two, "dirty stinking 'comin over 'ere and takin' our jobs immigrants" cost the economy 8.8 billion pounds.

Well, it's not because I'm a woolly liberal that I tend to think the first story is probably more correct than the second.

It's because The Daily Mail story is disgusting, little England xenophobic scare-mongering. The Daily Mail filters readers comments quite heavily, from what I've seen, so that they allow the following probably means they agree. Deep breath:

"Great! After 10 years, the absolutely blinking obvious has suddenly dawned on this Government. Now all we have to do is shut the borders and round up the 7 or 8 Million people that they've let in illegally, and ship them out. Piece of cake!"

Said Paul Y, from Stockport.

Is this really the 21st Century? Or are we in 1930s Germany?

Personally, I'd have lazy, shock-tactic, scaremongering journalists rounded up and shipped out, and then shot, just for good measure. Even the worst immigrant (an Australian, probably) is a million times more useful and humane than a Daily Mail journalist.


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