Friday, 26 October 2007

Food Isn't Working

"Health adviser Professor Julian le Grand, chair of Health England and former adjunct to Tony Blair, has come up with a brainwave: charge smokers £200 a year for the right to smoke"... according to Guardian unlimited. I'm sure it won't get serious consideration, though you never know.
Anyway, in case you miss the point, that's a 200 pound licence to buy cigarettes. Hmmm.

The government seems hell bent on irradicating smoking, so perhaps they ARE considering it.

But, well, they also believe that obesity is going to be a bigger (fatter) problem than climate change, so, how about forcing the overweight to buy a licence to buy cake and pies?

Or we could have calorie rationing; that might work. Anyway, as someone pointed out on the news quiz a couple of weeks ago, the current policy of allowing fat children to be bullied at school clearly isn't working.

Got a licence for that cheeseburger, fatty?

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