Sunday, 28 October 2007

Gap Kids

Children have been found working in a factory supplying clothes to GAP, who say they are "deeply (upset) and we take this situation very seriously."
How many times will Gap be "victims" of unscrupulous sub-contractors in India? If their supply chain is so long they don't, finally, know who they're employing, perhaps they should change the system. Having a "policy" on child labour, and paper agreements with factories isn't enough.

Gap Unveils New 'For Kids By Kids' Clothing Line


Irving Washington said...

Absolutely right. How many times can Gap/Walmart/Primark et al get away with saying, 'weren't me, guv; I had no idea'?

Their outsourcing strategy is a great way to keep costs at a minimum and the risk on their suppliers. But the only way to get rid of this shit for sure is for them to invest in their own factories rather than rely on third world countries known for child exploitation.

discoriggall said...

Probably many more times, I would guess. It would need legal change to force companies to be responsible, but I doubt the WTO has this high on it's agenda, somehow.
Is that Irving Washington, or Washinton Irving?

Irving Washington said...

Yeah me too.

lol, finally someone who gets it. I should probably change it around every now and then for effect... Hmmm.