Saturday, 6 October 2007

Girl, you're stupid

Oh, I love advertising. So it's lucky I'm not a woman, because advertisers, some of whom may actually be women, think women are idiots.
I've met a woman before, and I must say I found her to be very much like a normal human, and not an idiot at all.
The advertisers who not only think women are stupid, but actively hate them too, are those in the cosmetics industry.
Nivea are a good(bad) example with their brain-draining "oxygen cream", here's a link, and they even hate men too (in Polish!).
So, you really would have to be an idiot to buy oxygen power from these evil people, but not all advertisers are so upfront.
Some of them are sneaky buggers, and try to seem "good". Scratch underneath the surface, however, and the evil bubbles through.

So, on to the provocation for today's blog, DOVE. Here's a "Dove film":

Do I have to spell out the hypocrisy?



And it gets worse (and possibly worse again, but I dared go no further), if you visit the website you will find a "girls only interactive self-esteem zone", which bizarrely seems not to mention the fact they think your soap needs 1/3 moisturiser in it or you'll turn into a social outcast troll monster thing.
Dreadful, shameless people, these advertising types.
They can't ALWAYS have been like this, in fact one of the funniest thing I can remember is this powdered mashed potato advert, but perhaps I'm easily amused.

Look what I achieved!
I'm so happy!

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