Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Go, girls!

Hey, girls! You're downtrodden and dominated by men in this Man's World, but us sisters have got to stick together and do it for ourselves! Life is like a Hollywood feel-good movie! Yay!

Sisters are DJing for themselves!

That's right, girls are getting on those turntables and playing some tunes, just like the men! Hooray for Girls!

It's 2007 and we're still seeing patronising articles about "woman does male dominated job". Well done girls! Girl Power!

It's all about the music, ultimately: These girls don't want to be judged on their gender, but on their skills. That's why they've chosen names like Queen Bee, Queens of Noize, Sister SF, Shejay, Cherry Bomb, Chicks with Decks ("It's never been 'look at us, we can DJ"), DissMiss, Dutty Girl....

More 2007 patronising headlines;

Woman Uses Computer!

Woman Drives Car!

Woman Holds Puppy!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

another matter what I do, it always ends up looking kind of seventies style.
Well, I'm from the seventies, so maybe it's genetically imprinted on my brain.
I'm doomed.

My public transport entertainment, having moved on from staring at strange old people, is my Nintendo. I was playing Zelda, but it's a bit of a chore... long winded without being hard. So I found an old GBA cartridge with a load of 80s games on it, and have been playing PacMan, and 1942. They're hard.
The game I really miss is "ghosts 'n goblins" (or it's sequel "ghouls 'n ghosts"). That game was hard to the point of being unfair, but something about it made it impossible to stop playing. As far as I remember, I didn't complete it on the C64, which is irritating, as I watched this video of it today, and I don't think we realised at the time how close we were to the end. Humph.

Interview with Kevin Barnes...

Saturday, 24 November 2007

"piss off and eat some cheese"

I got, late, late... I got Flying Lotus's "reset" ep. Cool dubby sounds, a bit MadLib-y, as everyone says. Very recommended, anyway.
If you like that sort of thing...

I also bought an album called "cosmos" by Mexican artist "Murcof".
I can feel a Christmas No.1 coming on...
There are few beats on the record, which is made up of long tracks of complex and layered drones, with some classical music influences. It's excellent VERY loud, so you can feel the drones vibrating through you (in a similar way to drone metal oddity SUN O)))). It's kind of cleansing, though I have no idea when I'll listen to it. It's so unlike most of my music collection, and it's the kind of thing that would empty a party pretty quickly. Check it out, anyway.

...I mentioned Camp Lo the other day, so here's their classic '97 single "Luchini"

Who said Hip Hop glorified crime?

scared, paraniod and insular

In the UK, if you have some millions of pounds hanging around just being a nuisance, you can give two of them to the Education authority, who will then open a state school in your name. Oh, and you have a degree of control over the curriculum too.
So, for example, Reg Vardy, who made his fortune selling Volkswagens (I believe), has more than one school.
The curriculum isn't all about selling German cars, though, because Mr Vardy is also an evangelical Christian.
Oh goody. I'm so glad the State is supporting evangelical Christian schools.
That's progress.

Anyway, now a dude called Lord Rothermere has lobbed two million at the government to create his own school. Is he an evangelical Christian... I don't think so, but honestly I don't know either. I DO know that he owns "The Daily Mail" newspaper.
The Daily Mail, in a nutshell:
"Dirty foreigners, gays, single mothers, gypsies, unemployed people and Muslims are ruining Britain, and cost the white middle class tax-payer 8000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 pounds a second."

I do hope the values of the Daily Mail are taught in schools! It'll be like 1930s Germany all over again!
What a wonderful place Britain will become!

Thursday, 22 November 2007


The country woke up this morning to the shocking realisation that they will not be competing in Euro 2008.

It's difficult to believe, but true:

Northern Ireland have failed to qualify.

Manager Nigel Worthington was bracing himself, after his team lost 1-0 to Spain, for the onslaught of criticism and hatred from the tabloid press.

Bloke on street said, "I can't believe it, he's got to be sacked after this. It's an embarrassment. Our country expects to compete at the highest level. Failure is not an option."

Elsewhere in the British Isles, no-one was surprised about failure of England, Scotland and Wales to qualify either.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

luchini falling from the sky

Actually, losing the personal details of 25 million people's not that interesting.
There's a new album by Camp Lo! In 1996 they released an album called "uptown saturday night", which was one of the best hiphop records I'd ever heard. They were neither gangster or hippy, just cool.
Maybe it was this lack of easy marketability that saw them disappear. As far as I'm concerned that was the last thing they did... though I wikipedi-eard that they have released a couple of things in between.
Anyway, I hope to pick this record up next time I go home, but they're on a tiny little record label. It's all a big business conspiracy against good music, I tell you ;)

so have made an electronic book thingy, have they? It looks shit, and has none of the benefits that keep me attached to books: Books don't need batteries, I can lend them easily, they look better as they get older, they can be dropped and seriously damaged while remaining useable.... I could go on. I enjoyed amazon's highlighting of the new e-book's "wireles ability". Books have yet to develop wires....

"Personal details of every child in UK lost by Revenue & Customs".

That's amazing.

the unbearable lightness of selling out

Occasionally dressed and slightly disturbed Of Montreal singer Kevin Barnes has written a defense of appearing in a commercial (for t-mobile, this time). Here's the link, and the commercial itself is after the little essay.

I think he's made a good point; it's easy to accuse people of selling out, especially when you personally don't have to! And bands need to make money to survive, like anyone else.
It still kind of sucks(so does the advert) that this is true, though.
And it doesn't excuse the already super-rich bands doing adverts; but most of those groups have long since stopped doing music 'cause they love it - it really is just a business.

To be honest, as much as I dislike advertising and marketing, I'd be best off just not watching anything. My favourite advert is one I didn't see because I wasn't watching television.

The commercial juggernaut is impossible to stop, all you can do is jump off from time to time. It's cool for you if you can come to some sort of comfortable compromise with it, although I know only a small percentage of the world's population can manage that. Most either get swept along helplessly or ran over and squished by it.

Ghosts in "gas" stations? What's going on? Probably just some blue light bouncing of a strut; but try telling that to these idiots.

Here's a video of my favourite ever joke. Lots of swearing. I apologise in advance.

nite nite.

Friday, 16 November 2007

all we want is parroty

looking for something completely different, I found

Thursday, 15 November 2007

divided by a common language, and right wing crazies

US citizen Ann Coulter has been described as a liar and a bitch, elsewhere (reference on demand).

But does this shut her up? Well, to be honest it wouldn't shut me up either, but I'm not a racist Christian mentalist.

She is.

I get a newsletter from her, which while totally wrong, is sometimes amusingly so.

Today I got a newsletter about Pakistan, which she describes as "a country of Islamic savages". Ouch.

However, she also asserts that President Musharraf, "has not staged a military coup", so it's absolutely fair and balanced to say she hasn't got a single clue what she's on about, and is a big loser who most people hate.

A further example of her complete idiocy is when she says things like a, "degree from Harvard is prima facie evidence that (Bhutto is) on the side of the terrorists."

Education, you see, makes you love terrorism. That maybe explains Yale graduate GW Bush's love of bombing civilian populations. But what do I know?

She seems to think that liberals (bastards!) are "imposing a democracy on Pakistan", in the same way we (conservative bastards) imposed one on Iraq. That kind of assertion is so mentally retarded, I don't think I have to spell out the differences.

ooh, look! A new video from Daedelus. Ann Coulter will probably hate it; you won't, as you probably still have a soul.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

England shut up!

Some people have been calling for an "English Parliament", and the House of Commons has MPs from all over the UK who can vote on "English issues".
Whoopy fucking doo.
I'm tempted to suggest we give Jersey to those people who desire an English parliament, and then we tow the island as far away as possible.
It's not necessary to read this blog, but it does highlight some trends about those Englishers who desire that the Scots and Welsh fack orff back to their own countries.
They like hunting small furry animals.
They don't like immigration (not that they're racist, or anything).
They read The Telegraph and The Daily Mail.
They are very conservative.
They are anti-European Union.

They're dicks.

I was thinking about democracies in general, and it seems the ones which work best, and give the best lives to their citizens are SMALL. England's too big. Split it into areas of 5 to 6 million people. That would be better.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

two beefs/pop musikkk

Raekwon the Chef is not happy about the new Wu Tang album. Hmm. Not fascinating for anyone who's not into the Wu Tang, I warn you.

Their new single, a cover of a Beetle's track "my guitar gently weeps", is horrible, so it sounds like the Chef is correct. I would post a link to that song, but it's too bad.

Alexis Petridis in The Guardian has given "Girls Aloud" a 4/5 review for their new album, saying "Frankly, the sort of person who claims they find nothing to love here is like the sort of person who claims to hate the Beatles: they're either posturing or they're an idiot."

Well, Alexis, I'd rather be an idiot than listen to manufactured soul-less bollocks.

And this coming after he proclaimed Britney's new album great too. I think he's just a big pop girl dressed up as a 30-something man. Go and listen to some real music, you big celebrity sucker.

If you don't love the Mario theme tune, you're an idiot.

Friday, 9 November 2007

I heart the internet

This week, a new website was launched called "liberalconspiracy. It's aim was to be a home to liberal-left thought, and a balance to what the creators see as a right-wing bias in "the blogosphere" (the idea makes me cringe).
So, I was reading it, and commenting a bit on the site. Today, I got into an arguement about education. Apparently it's now illiberal to disagree with private education. When this happened I do not know, but no-one on the site agreed with me (that private education is wrong).
Now, the creators did originally say they didn't want the site "hijacked" by right wing people... my experience there is either that they have been swamped by the rabid right wing bloggers, or, more scarily, even people who describe themselves as left-liberals now think private education is a good thing.

If that's the case, fuck them all.

Pink Floyd suck

Why private education is wrong:

The most privileged in society do not need yet another advantage over the underprivileged.

Extra money and time ought to be pumped into schools in deprived areas. For example, salaries in such places could be higher so as to attract the best teachers (the best kids don’t need the best teachers; it’s the worst kids who do).

Kids from well educated families will do fine in most environments - I’m certainly not saying they should be neglected, just that they shouldn’t be the priority in a system that fails some parts of society.

If Eton is such an incredible school, let it educate the kids that currently don’t have much of a chance.
As it stands, the vast majority of private schools just exacerbate current inequalities.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

la cebolla

One of my favourite comic creations, The Onion's "point/counterpoint", is back again:
Cats are Better than Dogs.

Some shit is going down in Pakistan, which is important, but in also important Radiohead News: "More than six out of 10 fans worldwide — 62 percent — who downloaded "In Rainbows" between Oct. 10 and Oct. 29 paid nothing for it." The average overall per download worked out at $2.28, approximately fuck all.
But all that money goes to Radiohead, not a record company, so perhaps it's about the same to them. And they hardly need the money anyway, I would guess.

Also more important (sic) than political emergencies in nuclear-armed dictatorships, is Prince, who has threatened to sue fan-sites over use of his image etcetera. That won't make him popular. He was also questioned by police about illegally shooting birds this week... or not.
Here's a video of the artist formerly known as Prince hunting Jockeys:

Simon Tisdall, in the Guardian, notes the world has started to forget about Burma again. After the insipid facebook groups and blog "free burma 4th October" campaign, the ever moving online world has moved on. Doesn't it make you feel proud? I neither joined the blog campaign or facebook group, as I don't see them as effective. It's easy to click on a link "to show support" - but it doesn't DO anything. Does the Burmese Military give a shit what a bunch of facebook users think? Don't kid yourselves: they don't care.
Tony Blair didn't listen to a million people marching on his own streets, a foreign government certainly won't listen to foreign citizens doing sod all on the internet.

Old style protests, like petitioning your own government to pressure the the "international community", have more impact.... but takes more effort than pointing a cursor. It's good that people want to show support for the oppressed, but it has to be in an effective way. Citizens need the weight of their governments behind them to have an effect. Sometimes people "on the internet" seem to forget this.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

ice cream

(referring to the shooting of a Brazilian who wasn't a terrorist)

Martin Kettle, writing in the guardian, seems to think that the verdict against the Neopolitan Police Force in London will make us (well, Londoners, like I care) less safe.

"You see, I want to be protected from the suicide bombers. I'm a hundred per cent in favour of peaceful prevention if humanly possible. But I don't care how indignant the bomber feels. If it comes down to the bomber's life or mine, I want the bomber to be stopped every time, and by force if necessary."

Well, Martin, that may be, but De Menezes was a Brazilian, not a terrorist, and we can't have the police, however stressed, going around shooting Brazilians for looking like Islamic terrorists.

No-one wants to be blown up, but put it in context, and I'm NOT trying to say it's not completely awful, but there are many threats to life every day in a city, and terrorism (unless you're in Baghdad) is not a very big one.

Don't let the threat of terrorism let your imagination run wild.
We can't encourage the police to shoot people because they suspect they are terrorists, because they look a bit like this:

Imagine what would happen if we thought terrorists looked a bit like this:

Friday, 2 November 2007


Two newish videos, for songs I have particularly liked this year.
the !!! video, second, is not exactly the best video you'll ever see.. it's a cross between an old happy mondays video and dead animals. Be warned.

Anyway, first it's "Gronlandic Edit" from Of Montreal:

here's a clip from the chaser's war on everything, about "the secret".

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Warren Buffet, rich dude.

He´s a billionaire and he wants to pay more tax. Cool.
It´s a shame he´s American; I would love to see the well-off say that in Britain.

Jamie Oliver could start a campaign..

"come on, we can afford it!",

or "save time on charitable decisions; pay more tax guv´ner".

Or a special message to the Rolling Stones: