Thursday, 15 November 2007

divided by a common language, and right wing crazies

US citizen Ann Coulter has been described as a liar and a bitch, elsewhere (reference on demand).

But does this shut her up? Well, to be honest it wouldn't shut me up either, but I'm not a racist Christian mentalist.

She is.

I get a newsletter from her, which while totally wrong, is sometimes amusingly so.

Today I got a newsletter about Pakistan, which she describes as "a country of Islamic savages". Ouch.

However, she also asserts that President Musharraf, "has not staged a military coup", so it's absolutely fair and balanced to say she hasn't got a single clue what she's on about, and is a big loser who most people hate.

A further example of her complete idiocy is when she says things like a, "degree from Harvard is prima facie evidence that (Bhutto is) on the side of the terrorists."

Education, you see, makes you love terrorism. That maybe explains Yale graduate GW Bush's love of bombing civilian populations. But what do I know?

She seems to think that liberals (bastards!) are "imposing a democracy on Pakistan", in the same way we (conservative bastards) imposed one on Iraq. That kind of assertion is so mentally retarded, I don't think I have to spell out the differences.

ooh, look! A new video from Daedelus. Ann Coulter will probably hate it; you won't, as you probably still have a soul.


Anonymous said...

Go back to Barcelona you wanker!
You have no say in what goes on in England.
Real Madrid'll kick Barcelonas arse again this season. Viva Catelonia!

discoriggall said...

What are you on about, fuckface? don't think I'm gonna get put off by some shit-head anonymous abuse :)
Also, I am very intolerant of poor spelling and punctuation, so please don't some back until you can write properly.