Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Go, girls!

Hey, girls! You're downtrodden and dominated by men in this Man's World, but us sisters have got to stick together and do it for ourselves! Life is like a Hollywood feel-good movie! Yay!

Sisters are DJing for themselves!

That's right, girls are getting on those turntables and playing some tunes, just like the men! Hooray for Girls!

It's 2007 and we're still seeing patronising articles about "woman does male dominated job". Well done girls! Girl Power!

It's all about the music, ultimately: These girls don't want to be judged on their gender, but on their skills. That's why they've chosen names like Queen Bee, Queens of Noize, Sister SF, Shejay, Cherry Bomb, Chicks with Decks ("It's never been 'look at us, we can DJ"), DissMiss, Dutty Girl....

More 2007 patronising headlines;

Woman Uses Computer!

Woman Drives Car!

Woman Holds Puppy!

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