Saturday, 3 November 2007

ice cream

(referring to the shooting of a Brazilian who wasn't a terrorist)

Martin Kettle, writing in the guardian, seems to think that the verdict against the Neopolitan Police Force in London will make us (well, Londoners, like I care) less safe.

"You see, I want to be protected from the suicide bombers. I'm a hundred per cent in favour of peaceful prevention if humanly possible. But I don't care how indignant the bomber feels. If it comes down to the bomber's life or mine, I want the bomber to be stopped every time, and by force if necessary."

Well, Martin, that may be, but De Menezes was a Brazilian, not a terrorist, and we can't have the police, however stressed, going around shooting Brazilians for looking like Islamic terrorists.

No-one wants to be blown up, but put it in context, and I'm NOT trying to say it's not completely awful, but there are many threats to life every day in a city, and terrorism (unless you're in Baghdad) is not a very big one.

Don't let the threat of terrorism let your imagination run wild.
We can't encourage the police to shoot people because they suspect they are terrorists, because they look a bit like this:

Imagine what would happen if we thought terrorists looked a bit like this:

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