Tuesday, 20 November 2007

luchini falling from the sky

Actually, losing the personal details of 25 million people's not that interesting.
There's a new album by Camp Lo! In 1996 they released an album called "uptown saturday night", which was one of the best hiphop records I'd ever heard. They were neither gangster or hippy, just cool.
Maybe it was this lack of easy marketability that saw them disappear. As far as I'm concerned that was the last thing they did... though I wikipedi-eard that they have released a couple of things in between.
Anyway, I hope to pick this record up next time I go home, but they're on a tiny little record label. It's all a big business conspiracy against good music, I tell you ;)

so amazon.com have made an electronic book thingy, have they? It looks shit, and has none of the benefits that keep me attached to books: Books don't need batteries, I can lend them easily, they look better as they get older, they can be dropped and seriously damaged while remaining useable.... I could go on. I enjoyed amazon's highlighting of the new e-book's "wireles ability". Books have yet to develop wires....

"Personal details of every child in UK lost by Revenue & Customs".

That's amazing.

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