Saturday, 24 November 2007

"piss off and eat some cheese"

I got, late, late... I got Flying Lotus's "reset" ep. Cool dubby sounds, a bit MadLib-y, as everyone says. Very recommended, anyway.
If you like that sort of thing...

I also bought an album called "cosmos" by Mexican artist "Murcof".
I can feel a Christmas No.1 coming on...
There are few beats on the record, which is made up of long tracks of complex and layered drones, with some classical music influences. It's excellent VERY loud, so you can feel the drones vibrating through you (in a similar way to drone metal oddity SUN O)))). It's kind of cleansing, though I have no idea when I'll listen to it. It's so unlike most of my music collection, and it's the kind of thing that would empty a party pretty quickly. Check it out, anyway.

...I mentioned Camp Lo the other day, so here's their classic '97 single "Luchini"

Who said Hip Hop glorified crime?

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