Tuesday, 20 November 2007

the unbearable lightness of selling out

Occasionally dressed and slightly disturbed Of Montreal singer Kevin Barnes has written a defense of appearing in a commercial (for t-mobile, this time). Here's the link, and the commercial itself is after the little essay.

I think he's made a good point; it's easy to accuse people of selling out, especially when you personally don't have to! And bands need to make money to survive, like anyone else.
It still kind of sucks(so does the advert) that this is true, though.
And it doesn't excuse the already super-rich bands doing adverts; but most of those groups have long since stopped doing music 'cause they love it - it really is just a business.

To be honest, as much as I dislike advertising and marketing, I'd be best off just not watching anything. My favourite advert is one I didn't see because I wasn't watching television.

The commercial juggernaut is impossible to stop, all you can do is jump off from time to time. It's cool for you if you can come to some sort of comfortable compromise with it, although I know only a small percentage of the world's population can manage that. Most either get swept along helplessly or ran over and squished by it.

Ghosts in "gas" stations? What's going on? Probably just some blue light bouncing of a strut; but try telling that to these idiots.

Here's a video of my favourite ever joke. Lots of swearing. I apologise in advance.

nite nite.

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