Saturday, 29 December 2007

r u still in 2 it

Now I have Daft Punk's Electroma. It is exactly what I'd thought it would be, and it's fantastic.
I don't like intellectualising art: This film looks gorgeous, and the music fits the images perfectly. As artistic eye candy, it's excellent.
As a film... well there's not really much of a point to it, the "story" isn't much, and there are moments you might wonder if they are taking the piss.
...But there are moments in any "arthouse" film you might think that, and when it looks this good, I don't care if they are.
And anyway, most Hollywood films and TV programmes are blatantly insulting our intelligence and taking the piss out of us.. but I'll stop before i get lost in a rant.

Electroma's probably not for everyone, but if you don't have an MTV attention span, it's highly recommended.

Why have I used a Mogwai song title as a blog title? For no reason whatsoever. If you are here by Mogwai search-related-accident, I do apologise.

boring point; I took my own screen shot of Electroma using a freeware program called "CaptureMe", as OSX screen-grab won't work while DVDs are playing. Humph. If that's for copyright reasons, which I assume it is, I had better take another "illegal" picture, while I'm at it... no telling me I don't give you excitement and danger.

video for no reason:

Thursday, 27 December 2007

flava in ya ear

I have a new toy, which should result in less rushed-writing, and maybe more effort... the last month has been pretty lazy :)
Happy new year!

Monday, 24 December 2007

not really a list

but a list disguised as a ramble. I was going to write a list, but I can't remember everything I like, so I thought I'd just mention some of my favourite music things this year...
Firstly, I was surprised to discover I like Of Montreal, thanks to this one. On paper they sound like exactly what I try to avoid, but in reality they are great. I've seen them twice this year (better in Barcelona than in London, but just 'cause I don't like London crowds). If only all "break up" records were written by dangerous lunatics like Kevin Barnes. (that'll be the "hissing fauna..." album, by the way)

I also really got into a record that starts off with a pleasant jazzy drum and bassy track. That's right; Luke Vibert (not Radiohead) and his 'Chicago, Detroit, Redruth' album, which is a wonderful thing, it is.
Small mention should go to 'Murcof', whose 'cosmos' album makes some of the most impressive noises I've ever heard. A record to play loud, for sure.
Hmm what else? Er, Flying Lotus's reset ep is excellent, the first track has a bass sound that seems to suck the air out of a room; it's fantastic! I never get bored of !!!'s album, and LCD Soundsystem's 'get innocuous' was one of my favourite songs this year...Not my favourite, obviously.

My favourite song of the year is easily Atlas by Battles, I am addicted to it still.
And my most over-played-record-'cause-i-love-it would be Chromeo's 'fancy footwork'.
It should be yours too :)

I've probably forgotten something, but there are plenty of well researched lists of the year out there, so why should I bother?

Thursday, 20 December 2007

not my No.1 record.

What's wrong with Panda Bear?

"Sometimes when I'm listening, I imagine what it might have been like to make it. I picture Lennox at his computer borrowing sounds and samples from odd places and shaping them into something personal and true."

(shiver) "something personal and true" boo hoo hoo. Bleargh. What does it mean, "personal and true"? Sod all. When art ceases to attempt to transcend the personal it becomes boring...... oh, just like pretentious Panda Bear. He's really intelligent, this guy - he describes dubstep act Burial as sounding "metallic", which is what a 5 year old might say the first time s/he hears an electronic record.
What a numb-nut.
There's a tendency with the American music scene for people to confuse intelligence with a person who looks lost and has a shaggy non-haircut (guilty). It's a shame. There is intelligent music out there. Panda Bear is just painfully twee...Henry Rollins used to criticise British music like the Smiths for being "weak". Compared to Panda Bear, the Smiths were like Norwegian Black Metal.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

bio git

"Pete Bethune from New Zealand said he planned to use nothing but biofuels to power his carbon fibre vessel" around the world, in an attempt to beat the world circumnavigation record, and highlight environmental concerns.
What a fucker. How is encouraging people to use biofuels, which require huge areas of land that should actually be used for growing food, and are causing social problems and environmental destruction in the developing world, helpful?
Answer: It´s not helpful, it´s retarded. If you need any proof, George "spanner" Bush is a big fan of biofuels.
Well, I got news for you. They put CO2 into the atmosphere, you bunch of idiots, exactly what we´re trying not to do, OK?
Stoppit. And Shut up.

And I haven´t even started Lovelock´s book :)

50 sense

50 Cent says,
"I won't get a chance to see the world, like the entire world, unless I go everywhere."
How true.

I read "Ghosts of Spain" this week, where the writer, Giles someone, travels around Spain and discovers that stereotypes are not entirely true. Like, wow.

I´m about to read Lovelock´s "revenge of gaia", so I can become an ecomaniac.

Monday, 17 December 2007

we must act now, tomorrow.

The climate change talks in Bali have been horrible to watch, and for all the optimism about getting some kind of agreement, which the US has just criticised, it's another distant agreement.
"We agree to do something, after further talks, by 2012".

Well, that would be nice, but since Rio in '92 (was it '92?) we've seen plenty of talking and promises, and still no action. Britain's carbon emissions are still rising; yet for ten years we have agreed to cut them "in the future". How? When? Why should anyone believe you?
America refuses to come into any agreement unless India and China agree to cut much more (though per head they produce less CO2). Europe and the rest of the world should come to a binding agreement without the US, and hope that eventually it comes into line. Were environmental targets made part of WTO rules, for example, eventually economic pressure would force America to join up. Making the WTO an agent of environmental protection is far-fetched though, I must admit! It would be nice.

I'd be happy to bet that by 2012 we have no binding agreement for cuts, and if we do, the cuts will be "in the future", not today.

0% cucumber club?

..part 5 of a documentary about Norwegian black metal. This part in particular is really worth watching, if you can spare ten minutes.

Weird, eh?

Friday, 14 December 2007

looky here

This is a test!
Someone has VERY KINDLY sent me an mp3 of an early 90s gangster rap track by Domino, that I used to love. I was going to post the video a while back, but the video has a sanitised version of the lyrics, and that's no good, as the lyrics are really horrible, and it's no fun at all without them.
I don't recommend it at all for the easily offended.
But back in the day when we spent summers hanging around the basketball courts listening to hip hop, this was the shit., anyway. the test was "me using sendspace", so this should be a link where you can download that song.
It's kind of like "Karma Police" by Radiohead, but with more 'bitches'. Possibly.

ooh, and there's another "girl power" article! Apparently, 'people often ask why there are so few female magicians.' Do they? Do they really?

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Why Terrorists Hate America*

(and Tony Blair)

* or, as one youtube commenter said, "I used to hate bush but after this video I think he should be president forever."

* or, how to destroy the spirit of Christmas.

* or, "I used to hate Blair, but after this video I think he should rot in hell forever."

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

May 2008. Only In Hell.

I can't be exactly sure how much damage to society this TV show did, but I know it was a lot.

And if that doesn't sound like the worst movie ever, I'm not sure what does.

And it really was an awful show, because had any men actually watched it, they might have concluded that "women are very shallow and are only attracted to status". Actually, Neil Strauss, the small, unstylish, and disgusting man responsible for the book "The Rules of the Game", may well have watched it. Here's the digested read of that book.

If you go around dreaming of your "Mr Big", then wankers will go around claiming they're it. Urgh.

Monday, 10 December 2007


US says proposal to cut emissions by 40% "unhelpful".

I like the American people I've met during my life, I really do.

But, honestly, even considering that governments are generally bad, the US government are a right bunch of cunts.

"America" can fuck off.

Leaders of the Free World? Wankers of the Free World, more like.

Sunday, 9 December 2007


Nick Cohen, writing in the Guardian, is an angry man. He's angry because people think the wars in Afganistan and Iraq are wrong, and that people criticise the American and British governments for them.
According to Cohen, vocal critics of these wars are wrong, because Baathism and Islamism are bad too, and we should defeat them.
I don't really understand why Cohen has concluded that because Saddam and the Taliban's regimes were horrible, it was right for "us" to go and bomb the crap out of said regime's citizens, leaving one country highly unstable, the other in chaos.

Cohen clearly thinks about morals and ethics, but he has got it wrong.

The repression of the Taliban was wrong, we can agree on that, as was that of Saddam. But when deciding to do something about repression, you have to judge the likely outcome of your action. The question is this; will lives be improved by your actions?

For an innocent civillian, of any country, is it better to be oppressed but alive, or free and dead? Many Iraqi civillians, if the dead could talk, would be able to tell us.
I know I would prefer any sort of life to death.

But is not Britain or America's place to decide for another nation's people that they will prefer the life (or death) that we will bring to them by removing their oppression.

I think the sectarian killings in Iraq, and the resurgence of the Taliban in Afganistan are horrific; but I oppose the US/UK wars in both countries because they demonstrably made innocent lives worse. We can support the cause of "freedom" without imposing it from above with bombs, can't we?

Did I say before that we don't have much democracy in the US or UK? We really don't, by the way. Perhaps someone ought to start wars against our regimes to bring us "freedom".
OF course I'm not really advocating that; it would be terrible, and wrong. So it is in Afganistan and Iraq. Am I wrong?


Thursday, 6 December 2007

bumblebee good, huckabee bad

..the new poll-leading Republican in the US presidential snail-pace-race is some dude called Mike Huckabee. He's supported by Chuck Norris.
Anyway, apparently he's full of "one-liner" jokes, which is definitely the most important quality needed in a president.
From the Guardian, "Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas who mixes folksy charm with bedrock Christian conservative views, likens his rise to the aeronautics of the bumblebee. "It's scientifically impossible for the bumblebee to fly," he told a crowd in the small town of Newton. "But the bumblebee, being unaware of these scientific facts, flies anyway."
But it's not true! I hate it when the religious right make jibes about science. Bumblebees CAN fly, and of course it's scientifically possible. It's as if the bumblebee, flying in ignorance of science, goes someway to proving that science doesn't explain it all...
Therefore there is a God, because bumblebees can fly even though it's impossible.
Ooh, look: a link about "bumblebee myths"
Worryingly, people think this Huckabee is the cuddly face of republicanism. Well, maybe, but underneath the cuddly exterior is the usual bile-filled interior.

He's anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-evolution, pro-gun.

But he's a "genuine" person, an underdog, and he's funny, so that doesn't matter, does it?

Another day, another tragic gun massacre in the US. This time it was in a mall, by "troubled" teenager Robert Hawkins. It's never "well-rounded and popular" teenagers, is it? And, you know, this tragedy would never have happened if all the Christmas shoppers had been carrying guns too. We have to learn from school and mall massacres that the lesson is more guns, not less.

Planting seeds...

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


A greatest hits album has been released (just in time for xmas), of The Libertines.
Ugh. Well, imagine my surprise when Pitchforkmedia, home to extremely pretentious indie reviews (like this), posted an article I agreed with.
The Libertines just weren't that good. They were all hype and jackets.
...I remember being in a student-y club a few years ago and there was a couple of kids wearing beefeater costumes, swanning around like they were cool. I didn't get it then, and I don't now.
The Libertines to me were everything bad about music: limp, pretentious, cod-intellectual. Worse, their popularity in England seemed to be based on their imagery of "Englishness".
Oasis did some flag waving, but they never (not that I noticed) actually sung about it. The Libertines encouraged a generation of wet teenage boys to become defacto nationalists. There may have been some romance in 19th century nationalism, though really not much, but there is certainly NO romance, no matter how off your face on heroin you are, in nationalism in the 21st century. It's pathetic.
I made a joke:
What do you call an English Nationalist?
A dick.
...Okay so I made a joke that wasn't funny, but the sentiment is, I believe, correct.

where was I? Ooh yes, the Libertines. Youtube plus mental fans means I found their interview on MTV 2 that I saw while living in Warszawa. The interview that made me hate them. Seeing it again brings it all back, my old sofa, parquet floors, and the frustration I had at the time of not having someone to punch in the face every time Pete Doherty opened his mouth. Here it is! He starts singing after about 5 minutes, and if after seeing that you still think he's some sort of genius, you are probably on crack.
Get some help; not their greatest hits album.

It's December, so to help you get all "it's Jesus's birthday, yay", here's Biggie Smalls...

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

intelligence catches up with intelligence

Finally, some sense out of the US "intelligence services", who have said Iran has not been actively pursuing nuclear weapons development for the last four years.
So, Bush and Cheney's unequivocal claims to the contrary were bullshit then.


In fact, these oft repeated and bullish speeches about the danger of Iran, now we know they were not based on evidence, are clearly the ravings of war-mongerers. One, Cheney, wants to go into Iran for business, and the other, Bush, wants to go in for apocalyptic "destiny". Dangerous men. Far more dangerous than ill-educated comedy anti-semite Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who's failing political project will likely see him ousted in the next Iranian presidential election.... as long as idiot monkey-boy doesn't go ruining it all with another war.

To all the "realist" bastards who've been agreeing Iran is a massive danger; you fell for the fucking hype, like all the morons who thought Iraq, Grenada, Vietnam et-al were threatening the end of civilisation too. You thought it was different because of Islam, because you're scared of it, in a kind of racist way (because Christianity is definitely not a warring religion, is it?). When an almost unassailable world power starts moaning about some threat, it's almost certainly lying. It's about power and image. Not freedom; not democracy.

The current US administration relies on constant "threats to freedom" so it can maintain massive military spending, and piss all over the freedoms of it's own people. I do hope they lose the next US election, as the last 7 years has taken it's toll on my optimism, and I need a break, as I'm sure the "international community" does too.

I'm sure there are many reasons to love NYC, but here's a huge reason to stay away... especially during "the holidays" (we can't mention which holidays, but I believe "Santa" is a clue).

Monday, 3 December 2007

I hope not

Can Fat Teens Hunt? Asks BBC3.

Good Christ, I hope not. What if there were food shortages?
Noone would be safe.

slow down

there's a new Portishead album on the way, apparently.
On their myspace page, there's a nice little instrumental too.