Wednesday, 19 December 2007

bio git

"Pete Bethune from New Zealand said he planned to use nothing but biofuels to power his carbon fibre vessel" around the world, in an attempt to beat the world circumnavigation record, and highlight environmental concerns.
What a fucker. How is encouraging people to use biofuels, which require huge areas of land that should actually be used for growing food, and are causing social problems and environmental destruction in the developing world, helpful?
Answer: It´s not helpful, it´s retarded. If you need any proof, George "spanner" Bush is a big fan of biofuels.
Well, I got news for you. They put CO2 into the atmosphere, you bunch of idiots, exactly what we´re trying not to do, OK?
Stoppit. And Shut up.

And I haven´t even started Lovelock´s book :)

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