Wednesday, 5 December 2007


A greatest hits album has been released (just in time for xmas), of The Libertines.
Ugh. Well, imagine my surprise when Pitchforkmedia, home to extremely pretentious indie reviews (like this), posted an article I agreed with.
The Libertines just weren't that good. They were all hype and jackets.
...I remember being in a student-y club a few years ago and there was a couple of kids wearing beefeater costumes, swanning around like they were cool. I didn't get it then, and I don't now.
The Libertines to me were everything bad about music: limp, pretentious, cod-intellectual. Worse, their popularity in England seemed to be based on their imagery of "Englishness".
Oasis did some flag waving, but they never (not that I noticed) actually sung about it. The Libertines encouraged a generation of wet teenage boys to become defacto nationalists. There may have been some romance in 19th century nationalism, though really not much, but there is certainly NO romance, no matter how off your face on heroin you are, in nationalism in the 21st century. It's pathetic.
I made a joke:
What do you call an English Nationalist?
A dick.
...Okay so I made a joke that wasn't funny, but the sentiment is, I believe, correct.

where was I? Ooh yes, the Libertines. Youtube plus mental fans means I found their interview on MTV 2 that I saw while living in Warszawa. The interview that made me hate them. Seeing it again brings it all back, my old sofa, parquet floors, and the frustration I had at the time of not having someone to punch in the face every time Pete Doherty opened his mouth. Here it is! He starts singing after about 5 minutes, and if after seeing that you still think he's some sort of genius, you are probably on crack.
Get some help; not their greatest hits album.

It's December, so to help you get all "it's Jesus's birthday, yay", here's Biggie Smalls...


Alix said...

Yeh, but then tosserdom begets tosserdom. They were tossers, so their fans were tossers. It shouldn't surprise us, really, or put us off beyond a certain point. There was some god-awful one-off "column" in the Guardian a while ago by some clueless limp-chinned just-graduated moppet with journalistic pretensions, probably the chief sub's neice, talking about how SHOCKED and DISCONCERTED she was when her MOTHER found her copy of Up the Bracket in the car and really liked it.

What I mean is, ignore the encrusted layers of tosserdom surrounding (if you'll pardon the expression), and the Libertines, like Babyshambles, are actually pretty good.

discoriggall said...

Hmmm, but there's so much music out there, I'm afraid "pretty good" might as well be "crap."
I've no time for "pretty good" while there are a thousand "amazing" records out there I've never heard :)

(have you seen American Splendor? "average? average is dumb!")