Tuesday, 4 December 2007

intelligence catches up with intelligence

Finally, some sense out of the US "intelligence services", who have said Iran has not been actively pursuing nuclear weapons development for the last four years.
So, Bush and Cheney's unequivocal claims to the contrary were bullshit then.


In fact, these oft repeated and bullish speeches about the danger of Iran, now we know they were not based on evidence, are clearly the ravings of war-mongerers. One, Cheney, wants to go into Iran for business, and the other, Bush, wants to go in for apocalyptic "destiny". Dangerous men. Far more dangerous than ill-educated comedy anti-semite Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who's failing political project will likely see him ousted in the next Iranian presidential election.... as long as idiot monkey-boy doesn't go ruining it all with another war.

To all the "realist" bastards who've been agreeing Iran is a massive danger; you fell for the fucking hype, like all the morons who thought Iraq, Grenada, Vietnam et-al were threatening the end of civilisation too. You thought it was different because of Islam, because you're scared of it, in a kind of racist way (because Christianity is definitely not a warring religion, is it?). When an almost unassailable world power starts moaning about some threat, it's almost certainly lying. It's about power and image. Not freedom; not democracy.

The current US administration relies on constant "threats to freedom" so it can maintain massive military spending, and piss all over the freedoms of it's own people. I do hope they lose the next US election, as the last 7 years has taken it's toll on my optimism, and I need a break, as I'm sure the "international community" does too.

I'm sure there are many reasons to love NYC, but here's a huge reason to stay away... especially during "the holidays" (we can't mention which holidays, but I believe "Santa" is a clue).

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