Friday, 14 December 2007

looky here

This is a test!
Someone has VERY KINDLY sent me an mp3 of an early 90s gangster rap track by Domino, that I used to love. I was going to post the video a while back, but the video has a sanitised version of the lyrics, and that's no good, as the lyrics are really horrible, and it's no fun at all without them.
I don't recommend it at all for the easily offended.
But back in the day when we spent summers hanging around the basketball courts listening to hip hop, this was the shit., anyway. the test was "me using sendspace", so this should be a link where you can download that song.
It's kind of like "Karma Police" by Radiohead, but with more 'bitches'. Possibly.

ooh, and there's another "girl power" article! Apparently, 'people often ask why there are so few female magicians.' Do they? Do they really?

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