Thursday, 20 December 2007

not my No.1 record.

What's wrong with Panda Bear?

"Sometimes when I'm listening, I imagine what it might have been like to make it. I picture Lennox at his computer borrowing sounds and samples from odd places and shaping them into something personal and true."

(shiver) "something personal and true" boo hoo hoo. Bleargh. What does it mean, "personal and true"? Sod all. When art ceases to attempt to transcend the personal it becomes boring...... oh, just like pretentious Panda Bear. He's really intelligent, this guy - he describes dubstep act Burial as sounding "metallic", which is what a 5 year old might say the first time s/he hears an electronic record.
What a numb-nut.
There's a tendency with the American music scene for people to confuse intelligence with a person who looks lost and has a shaggy non-haircut (guilty). It's a shame. There is intelligent music out there. Panda Bear is just painfully twee...Henry Rollins used to criticise British music like the Smiths for being "weak". Compared to Panda Bear, the Smiths were like Norwegian Black Metal.

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