Monday, 24 December 2007

not really a list

but a list disguised as a ramble. I was going to write a list, but I can't remember everything I like, so I thought I'd just mention some of my favourite music things this year...
Firstly, I was surprised to discover I like Of Montreal, thanks to this one. On paper they sound like exactly what I try to avoid, but in reality they are great. I've seen them twice this year (better in Barcelona than in London, but just 'cause I don't like London crowds). If only all "break up" records were written by dangerous lunatics like Kevin Barnes. (that'll be the "hissing fauna..." album, by the way)

I also really got into a record that starts off with a pleasant jazzy drum and bassy track. That's right; Luke Vibert (not Radiohead) and his 'Chicago, Detroit, Redruth' album, which is a wonderful thing, it is.
Small mention should go to 'Murcof', whose 'cosmos' album makes some of the most impressive noises I've ever heard. A record to play loud, for sure.
Hmm what else? Er, Flying Lotus's reset ep is excellent, the first track has a bass sound that seems to suck the air out of a room; it's fantastic! I never get bored of !!!'s album, and LCD Soundsystem's 'get innocuous' was one of my favourite songs this year...Not my favourite, obviously.

My favourite song of the year is easily Atlas by Battles, I am addicted to it still.
And my most over-played-record-'cause-i-love-it would be Chromeo's 'fancy footwork'.
It should be yours too :)

I've probably forgotten something, but there are plenty of well researched lists of the year out there, so why should I bother?


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