Saturday, 29 December 2007

r u still in 2 it

Now I have Daft Punk's Electroma. It is exactly what I'd thought it would be, and it's fantastic.
I don't like intellectualising art: This film looks gorgeous, and the music fits the images perfectly. As artistic eye candy, it's excellent.
As a film... well there's not really much of a point to it, the "story" isn't much, and there are moments you might wonder if they are taking the piss.
...But there are moments in any "arthouse" film you might think that, and when it looks this good, I don't care if they are.
And anyway, most Hollywood films and TV programmes are blatantly insulting our intelligence and taking the piss out of us.. but I'll stop before i get lost in a rant.

Electroma's probably not for everyone, but if you don't have an MTV attention span, it's highly recommended.

Why have I used a Mogwai song title as a blog title? For no reason whatsoever. If you are here by Mogwai search-related-accident, I do apologise.

boring point; I took my own screen shot of Electroma using a freeware program called "CaptureMe", as OSX screen-grab won't work while DVDs are playing. Humph. If that's for copyright reasons, which I assume it is, I had better take another "illegal" picture, while I'm at it... no telling me I don't give you excitement and danger.

video for no reason:

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