Monday, 17 December 2007

we must act now, tomorrow.

The climate change talks in Bali have been horrible to watch, and for all the optimism about getting some kind of agreement, which the US has just criticised, it's another distant agreement.
"We agree to do something, after further talks, by 2012".

Well, that would be nice, but since Rio in '92 (was it '92?) we've seen plenty of talking and promises, and still no action. Britain's carbon emissions are still rising; yet for ten years we have agreed to cut them "in the future". How? When? Why should anyone believe you?
America refuses to come into any agreement unless India and China agree to cut much more (though per head they produce less CO2). Europe and the rest of the world should come to a binding agreement without the US, and hope that eventually it comes into line. Were environmental targets made part of WTO rules, for example, eventually economic pressure would force America to join up. Making the WTO an agent of environmental protection is far-fetched though, I must admit! It would be nice.

I'd be happy to bet that by 2012 we have no binding agreement for cuts, and if we do, the cuts will be "in the future", not today.

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