Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Black and White

I am critical of the form of capitalism we have today, but I hope I don't come across as mental.

As much as the prophets of the free-market are blind to it's faults, some of it's critics are... here's an example, a comment I'm stealing from this article.

"Capitalism as a system is INHERENTLY "boom and bust" - we are now apparently coming to the head of the most almightly bust ever seen, and Monday was only a bump on the way to the top of a very tall cliff.

The Enron crash was managed by elitists to the benefit of themselves and the detriment of all others. So economic crashes can be engineered. Why now, at this point in history? The American empire is threatened. Population is out of control. Energy scarcity will be the defining characteristic of the 21st century. Globalisation is being ramped up as the internet demonstrates its ability to save humanity (and must be regulated by the same governments that are bringing us police state tyranny).

This depression will mask energy scarcity and allow fascist governments to increase control and surveillance of the general population as desperation breaks out and economies fold."

...only one man can stop it. This Summer, Arnold Schwarzenegger IS The Last Action Hero.


Picture a man banging his head against a wall in exasperation; it's what I'm doing now. Typing while banging my head against the wall; I'm a touch type talent.

People are free to their opinions, I guess, but it's a little unfortunate because opinions like this are crazy. Life is not the god-damn X-files, and there is no big conspiracy against "the people".

I wish there was, but there's no evidence for it - and if it did exist, well, like in the movies we could track "the (wo)man" down and have our Hollywood happy ending.
Oh, if history really was written by Dan Brown.

But it's not a conspiracy. It's a big complicated mess - which is worse as there's no simple solution, no easy "revolution" we can undertake to solve anything.

Why I pick on the far-left conspiracy nuts is because their existence allows the right to label any "anti capitalist" as a biased mentalist before there's been any discussion.

Being a reactionary crazy person, like the dude above, is easy, but won't help solve anything. I doubt even Arnie can help.

What's necessary is reasoned, calm and honest discussion and deliberation...

But this is The Internet Age! Web two-point-oh! So let's just shout and swear and insult each other ineffectually instead. (ok, I'm a bit guilty of this myself.)

Life isn't as easy as picking up a gun, Che, you beardy twat.

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