Monday, 21 January 2008

Bunch of girls 2*

It's about time the free market capitalist economists shut-the-fuck-up. How is this any way to run the world's economy?
It's madness; stockbrokers, who have the nerves of moorhens, have too much cumulative effect. They should be stopped; or given Valium.
While it may be a good system in competitive terms (though I'm not convinced), it is rubbish when the economy snags:
Markets around the world cry "fuuuuuuuuuck we're all gonna diiiieeeeee!! panic!!!", and a slump or recession is exacerbated.

Well done: how mature and economically sensible of you all. I was going to say "so the next time you hear Milton Friedman waxing about the wonders of the free market...", but he's dead, so it's unlikely you will. He would have said a load of rubbish, anyway.
Apart from the the super rich, it's hard to see who's benefited under free market capitalism more than they might have under a more balanced form of capitalism; and no one benefits from times like these when markets panic like a bunch of girls.

*Which is pretty offensive towards girls, who don't tend to panic in that kind of way really. So, "when markets panic like the English cricket team", will do for now.

Do you want to see how a fat man dances when he thinks he is actually inside Beyonce's "crazy in love" video? Be warned; it might give you nightmares.


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