Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Bunch of Girls

There isn't any news, is there?
(I've never even heard of "America"; is it near Skegness?)

I have been idly wasting my life on "", which I highly recommend. That's where the "true Norwegian Death Metal" film came from. Remember? :)

Probably even better than that, and arguably more homo-erotic too (depending how you feel about Death Metal, I suppose) is part one of this film (I hope you can use your initiative to find the other parts):

And who would've thought that insulting a car advert would invite anyone's vitriol, eh? That's opened up a whole new world of offense I can possibly, pointlessly, but "amusing-myself-ingly" exploit.
Hooray for people on the internet! May you forever be outraged!

I hope to return to being outraged myself, soon.


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