Wednesday, 23 January 2008


I've decided to put "blogger" to a more useful.. er.. use, and keep a record of my cooking on it: I cook a lot, and usually make things up, and I can't rely on my memory to remember what I do. Expect easy, quick and vegetarian things (I'm vegetarian in the Pulp Fiction sense). The link is in my "links", so you can check that I'm eating well, or not :)

I watched "Sunshine", last years Danny Boyle film. Hmmm, it does look nice, in a 2001 way, but it's not as profound as it wants to be, and gets a bit (understatement) ridiculous. However, there's some good (over) acting, and at one point you get,
"....he's trying to destroy the mission; he's INSANE!",
which is the hallmark of a non-wasted hour and a half by my reckoning, whatever happens.

Gruaniad's Steve Bell on Market falls...

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