Saturday, 12 January 2008

folking music

Mr Jamie Lidell is back in 2008, apparently, and here's a live video of a new song.

Funk. eventually noone will have an excuses for listening to Panda Bear or whatever.

Well, if you're in need of some coffee-table background noise, this isn't a link to Goldfrapp's upcoming album. You can't download it here, ok?

On a political note, after nearly 11 years in Government, it seems the Labour Party, like the Conservagits before them, have become riddled with "shitness". Whether it's purposeful, or accidental, I don't know; but it's painful to watch them killing themselves. More so because at one point they'll lose all public faith, which in Britain is bad news, as it means we'll get "the other lot" in again. Urgh.

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