Saturday, 19 January 2008

gribbly's day out

Lupe Fiasco, much praised by the press, has his second album out. It's a concept album, of sorts; but facts like that don't matter, as this is a hiphop record, and hiphop has only one real point, like Redman said,

"So turn the volume up a notch; and watch the ba-BUMP, ba-BUMP; make ya speakers pop.."

So, like Kanye before him, Lupe Fiasco is, well, a fiasco. Where's the "ba-bump"? This is lap-top friendly, bassless crap. It's not hiphop, it's hip-pop crap.
So he's an intelligent lyricist? That never stopped Nas (circa Illmatic) having proper beats, nor a ton of other intelligent emcees (insert list y'all don't deserve here).

Yadayadayada. It's not the mid-nineties anymore, is it, I suppose?

A while back I was talking about games also not being what they used to, and it seems I should have played "Geometry Wars" before complaining: It's great.
It doesn't stop until you die. Proper.
I can't put into words how nice it is to play, really, it's done just about perfectly for a shoot-em-up, and the physics of the game are just fantastic. It makes me smile.
Looks cool too, in a retro-futuristic way.

Some people from Leicestershire are very sensible

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