Monday, 28 January 2008

His most awesome work

"The world of germs and microbes has received much attention in recent years. But where do microbes fit into the creation account? Were they created along with the rest of the plants and animals in the first week of creation, or were they created later, after the Fall? These are some questions that creation microbiologists have been asking in recent years."

I bet microbiologists have not been ask... oh, creation microbiologists. I see.

Honestly, this article, "Microbes and the Days of Creation", might be one of the greatest literary achievements of human-kind. At the very least it's very very funny. Ok, it's probably better than a Jeffrey Archer novel. Alright! I admit it; I've never read a Jeffrey Archer!
But, I beg you to take the time to read this (not Archer); it really takes you inside the mind of a creationist.
A creationist pretending to be a scientist, that is.

Here's a "scientific" table I took from the "paper":

Well, that's cleared that up, then.

Homework: Were Viruses created during "Creation Week", or after "the Fall"?

I can't really believe the authors honestly think they are "being scientific" here, but they are trying to give themselves credibility by (very poorly) attempting to look scientific...

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