Sunday, 24 February 2008


Here's a story about oil companies being poised to enter Iraq and steal, I mean exploit... er, I mean extract legally, the oil there. Perhaps really what they want to do is offer "technological assistance" to the locals who are unable to extract it themselves. Yes, that's it, this is fraternal assistance, at a profit, of course - but that's perfectly just in "today's world".
If anyone thinks it IS just; consider what actually goes on. In Nigeria, oil compounds have their own private, heavily armed armies to protect themselves..... from angry locals. Would "we" be happy with a foreign company "comin' over 'ere, movin' villages, puttin' up fences", then threatening to shoot any of us who complained? Incidentally, such a company would be here legally, as it would have paid millions of *insert currency" worth of bribes to our leaders. Would that be ok? Because that's what our BastardPetroleum does in Africa.

As they say without irony (obviously) in America; "What would Jesus do?". Hahahah. Take the money and run, obviously.

Nice news from Pakistan, whose western backed dictator has suffered a blow after democratic elections failed to result in mass support of radical Islamist parties, but secular, progressive ones. Oops! We were told they needed a dictator or else they'd elect crazy Taliban-a-likes and attack us! Actually, that almost happened last time, but since then the US has shirked it's responsibilities in fanning anti-Americanism in Pakistan by not threatening it enough.
So it's pretty cool that there'll be a secular parliament there now. It'll be interesting to see if it's "anti-American", as not being "Islamist" means there's no excuse for them to be bombed. hmmm.
Ooh, and apparently "Pakistan has banned YouTube", for being offensive to Islam; I see what they mean, but more accurately, it's offensive to humanity in general; Look!

Here's an electronic musical present! Limited to 100 downloads or two weeks....

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