Sunday, 3 February 2008

call the CPL

There's a "scandal" of sorts about a politician named Derek Conway, who's been caught abusing the system by paying his sons to work for him while they were actually at University. It's pretty blah blah blah, and I didn't know much about it, so I caught up with the story from The Daily Mail, which if you're not British, is the newspaper in Britain that's aimed towards ill-educated and paranoid racists.
It's pretty funny - if you can forget for a moment that millions of people actually believe this stuff.

Well, as I said, the corruption story's not exactly fascinating, but there's a crazy fact in it. He says he took a pay-cut when he became an MP again (probably not true, as the expenses an MP claims are incredible), as he had been working as the "chief executive of the Cats Protection League charity", earning £80,000 a year.

WTF? Cats Protection League? £80,000? Charity? If people earn £80,000 a year running a charity, frankly, said charity can fuck right off. That's loads of money. I really like cats, but that's taking the piss. I once wondered whether working in charity was a racket, and this proves it can be a good one. They're as bad as business "fat-cats", but they're taking money given to them in goodwill, which probably makes them worse, when I think about it. If only there was a hell.


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