Monday, 11 February 2008

daily mental

Any further proof that the media, like stockbrokers, are willfully dangerous lunatics who must be stopped is unnecessary after the "Archbishop of Canterbury Proposes Sharia Law for England" nonsense they have been hawking over the past few days.
That, incidentally, was not what he said - he was talking about formalising Islamic divorce/arbitration courts. Such things already exist informally, and such things are actually legally formalised for the Jewish courts.
If you know me you know what I think about religion in general (it's pretty funny), so it would be odd for me to be supportive of something like Islamic grievance courts in Britain.

However, 1; much as it pains me, you can't reason people out of religion, so I'd rather it be done out in the open where it can be regulated, I guess.
2; any arbitration system is a good idea, as it keeps pointless crap out of the courts, so we can spend our money and Judges on Diana Inquests, and,
3; I don't live in Britain, so I don't care. If the Daily Mail is any yardstick of British "indigenous" opinion, frankly they deserve a legal system that includes stoning. (ahem)

Stoning, of course, being one of the issues here. The dumb, knee jerk reaction to the Arch-Bishop's speech was that stoning was a part of what he was suggesting. But he wasn't at all. Two things about that: firstly this was an academic and legal speech, not designed for the pig-ignorant raving nutter who is "man on street", and secondly, educated journalists could quite justifiably be stoned to death for such dangerous baiting of anti-Muslim opinion. There was once a thing called responsible journalism, now it's all but disappeared, even on the BBC.

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