Thursday, 28 February 2008

ellos veulven?

... I guess that would be "negative campaigning", although not quite on a Tony Blair "demon eyes" scale (who woulda thought they were right?!). The billboard I see on the street, for the ruling PSC party of Zapatero (the only European politician I'd happily vote for), is actually cut so you only see the shadows of the figures, which is a much more effective image. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, and google's search engine having been manipulated by a million "search engine optimisers"*, I can't easily find the image I wanted; just a big pile of rubbish. But hey, that's progress for you.

Anyway, if this ad was by the right wing PP, obviously it would be disgusting and awful, but it's not, so I quite like it. And, really, what with Spain becoming one of the most progressive countries in the world, what we don't want is Mariano (I know) Rajoy turning the country into a medieval Catholic state. Or do we?

*actually a job; there are actually people who's job it is to manipulate search engine results so their commercial sites come up first, regardless of whether or not you were actually searching for them. That's right, there are people who's job it is to ruin your internet surfing experience. Lovely!

Here's a great Onion article
; they seem to be trying harder again.

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