Thursday, 14 February 2008


Well, how many years has it been since tuition fees were introduced in Britain for University?
I don't remember, but I do remember balanced people saying at the time, "this will discourage poor people from higher education," against which there was little good arguement, except some other people saying, "no it won't."

We have very complex political discourse in Britain, you see.

Anyway, now a study has found out that fees DO discourage the poor and favour the rich! Showing worrying signs that they're not as stupid as middle class people like to think, poor people apparently worry they'll finish university "with a mountain of debt".
Well done! You will! That's the point! Tony Benn made a good point about debt, some posts below; it keeps people in their place.
If you think that might be a bit extreme; think about it. If a degree is a way to better yourself in life, and you come from a poor background; is £10,000 of debt likely to help you in your quest to become better off?
No, is the answer. £10,000 will be a handicap.

Of course this policy was going to favour the rich. It was facetious of government to say anything else.

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