Tuesday, 5 February 2008


When you become a member of the Government, you are taken through the doors of power, and given a magic cake, which robs you of all your principles, while offering you eternal life.
At least you'd hope that was what happens, but I guess it's more mundane than that.
In today's Gruaniad, George Monbiot writes about disgraced Labour politician Peter Hain, and the alleged corruption charges against him. It's an interesting piece, but curiously it might reveal something about why people sell themselves out so readily.

George Monbiot seems a nice guy, he tries to live in a good way, and writes about how we might save the planet, and combat the excesses of free market capitalism.

Therefore, in our soundbite age, he can be quickly labelled a "radical" and "leftist", so people need not really consider what he has to say. Similarly for a Labour politician; if they dare to try anything a bit "lefty", the opposition and media will howl "OLD LABOUR!!!" at them, and do so so loud there'll be no time or space for actually considering whether the policy might work.

If you were feeling vengeful, you might howl "COMMIE RED FILTH!!" at the banks and pension funds which live by the free market, but then expect government to bail them out. That stinks of centralised communist market intrusion; so such banks ought to have their Directors thrown in jail.
Interestingly, mainstream media does not howl "COMMIE" at government bail-outs for banks and the like - they only do that for regulations that don't aid big business.

Oops, there I go mentioning big business in a sneering way; therefore I can to be labelled a radical leftist, and be ignored.

After a few years, or even months in politics, maybe people think, "I can't win, so I'll take the money". It doesn't make them good people at all, but perhaps the truth is that bland.

Idiocracy is the title of a half great little satirical film by Mike Judge; half great because the great first half descends into a mediocre second half. You won't have seen or heard of this film, as it was buried by the man as soon as it was released :)

I was going to write about applications that spy on internet users, but I promised not to (for now). However will say that if you know who is looking at your site, you can't complain about stalking; as by 'secretly' logging visitors, you are snooping.

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