Wednesday, 6 February 2008

life in star trek

... a couple of weeks ago, there was a video going around of Tom Sleaze ranting about Scientology, in a fairly scary manner.
Scientology is clearly a weird and slightly dangerous organisation, but it is also prone to over-stating it's importance, and I'm not convinced it's much to worry about, in the grand scheme of things. Mainly, it's because it's proponents are clearly loopy, that I can't see it going anywhere much.

However, some people disagree with me: Please peruse this presentation!

"We are legion"??

ehheh. ehehehehehehehe. bueheheheheheheh.

Maybe these people have a valid point, but the presentation? Who do they think they are: Daleks? Do they think we're actually living in "The Matrix"?
The "scary" voice and eerie music serve to make this look even sillier than Scientology.

"We do not forgive, we do not forget; expect us". Making veiled threats is not very grown up, and neither is it philosophically moral (or psychologically sensible) to "not forgive".

This is not cool, intelligent or worthwhile. It's adolescent, misjudged and ridiculous.

"Anonymous"? Shmanonymous.

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