Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Advertising, religion: rubbish

A very nobby advert has been banned in the UK for causing "serious offense" to Christians. Apparently there were complaints: Twenty Three! (someone call Jim Carrey).
Well, there are at least 23 pointless excuses for adults in Britain then.
There should be offense laws in Britain. They should be:
"It is not illegal for someone to offend you, you're adults, get over yourselves."

If the hair advert was saying "I hope my lovely curls obliterate the scum that are Christians", then that would be incitement of some sort, and I would not agree with it. But using religious imagery isn't wrong. It may be crappy, especially in relation to hair products, but there's no law against being crappy.

The advert can be seen here. Prepare to be offended.

Last week it was the eighties, now we go back a little more to NYC disco, from "Hercules and Love Affair", which is like disco but with pretentiousness.
It's good, though.

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Rachel said...

God grant me the serenity to accept the hair I cannot change,
Colour to change the hair I can
And the straighteners to make a difference.

You can't have much faith in your faith if it can be rocked by a HAIR PRODUCT for fuck's sake