Tuesday, 18 March 2008

the blend

"This is our remix for Goldfrapp's song 'Happiness'. Unfortunately for us, it didn't get approved, but we still really like this song so we did some cooking to celebrate. Happiness is a severed hand!" say remixers Rex the Dog... well, it was all going fine till that keyboard solo after the chorus :S

nice video, mind you.

to the idiot commenting below (well, not the one who is me, obviously); no this is not a likeable blog, thankyou; now bugger off.

Man, Firefox is undermining my confidence. The ONE THING I have always been complurtely perfect with is spelling, and due to the American dictionary that works with Firefox automatically, I keep getting called up on my Britisher English. Like likeable. Screw you Firefox! LABOUR COLOUR WANKER. Put that in your spell checker and smoke it you gits. JODER. Even "gits" is not a word apparently. But, "Britisher" is! Bomb America for crimes against language.

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