Wednesday, 5 March 2008

British National Idiots

If I thought "The Daily Mail" was bad, I'd obviously been ignorant of the increasingly bizarre, and apparent home to racists, "Daily Express". Read this paper, and you'll learn about how on every corner lurks a violent, Polish, pregnant teen-aged, drug crazed, immigrant, young, hoody wearing, mobile phone camera wielding, aids infected, black, Kurdish, pit bull (tnks Bill Hicks). It's incredible. Reading "reader comments" and it seems a large number of their readership are convinced Britain is in the hands of Communists, hell bent on eradicating everything the racist, homophobic, white indigenous English hold dear*. Damn Communists!
Here's an example.

*From what I gather reading The Express, the white middle classes they claim to represent must be racist and homophobic, as well as stupid. I have no actual experience of this; the English I actually know are very tolerant, open and friendly. They also make some of the finest cheeses in the world.

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