Sunday, 16 March 2008


Anyone rightly unimpressed with the latest Hot Chip album, where the foursome squander most of their lo-fi charm and spend too much cash on production values, you should check out anything by ex-member "Grovesnor". In fact an upcoming single has been remixed by Hot Chip, you can stream it here, and it's quite nice in a Miami Vice kind of way.

However, not everyone wants to live in the 80s, in which case the new Ninja Cuts "you don't know" compilation should suffice. 50 highly varied tracks of music with its head firmly in the future, like Zero DBs fantastic remix of Bonobo, which I'm not mentioning at all just because I met the wife of one of them, 'cause that would be pathetic. Personal highlight is a track called "poison dart" by The Bug....

Del the Funky Homosapian has a new album out too, which is cool - a hiphop record not featuring the mobile-phone-friendly production of Kanye West for once. God I hate him. Anyway, "11th Hour" is the name of the album, and it's pretty back to basics; very refreshing.

I've heard the new Portishead album too, which is pleasantly oblique. I don't think it's quite oblique enough to put off the coffee-table set, but my ears are not easily offended (in one way) so I might be wrong....

Obviously my ears are very easily offended by music I don't like; most music. For example, I don't like pop music, and I don't like rock music when it sounds the same as a hundred other rock bands. The dreadful predictability of "the next big thing" turning out to be four boys rattling about with guitars again is mildly depressing, to put it lightly. What's the point of that? I don't like Trance, or jangly arched-eyebrow indie music (that's you, los crapesinos; you're not intelligent, you're boring). I'm not a big fan of singer song-writers, mostly because I have no empathy for whatever they're moaning on about - oh, you're sad about something, yeah? Boo-hoo. What sort of person tries to profit from their own misery? A git, I've been told.
I could also do without any band who wants to save the world, too. Politics and philosophy are best served by books, not language forced into rhyming couplets, with pompous noise in the background.

And breath out.

Oh, I read elsewhere you can get the new single by Daedelus, "Hrs, mins, secs" free, as a pre-album teaser. It's wild and crazy.


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