Sunday, 30 March 2008

Evangelicals are Stupid/a ramble

Well, they are, ok? I've been watching the documentary "Jesus Camp", about a kids summer camp that's designed to turn innocent little Amrrc'ns into soldiers. Soldiers for Jesus, yeah. It is a bit scary really, so it's lucky it's set in the States, which is a long way away; I mean I don't feel directly threatened by it (or empathise with it). Long distance is cool like that.
Anyway, them being stupid 'n all: I used to assume Evangelical Christians were just another branch of Christianity, but seeing them in action; they're just not! It's really not Christianity.. now I assume any readers will know I'm not into God - I don't like the term Atheist although that's essentially where I stand.
Anyway, why is it not Christianity, this Evangelical brand? It's because for them, Christianity is two things - God speaking to you, and non-believers being the enemy.
They prattle on like lunatics about Jesus Is My Lord, and Let Jesus Into all kinds of places, but they don't appear to have soaked up his most basic messages.
Because I have to admit Jesus had some good ideas - we just part ways when it comes to God. And if I had to choose, I think Kant was a better thinker, though not as good a communicator (seriously, try reading Kant; it's insanely difficult).
Most importantly for Jesus was stuff like "Love thy neighbour"; Evangelicals are rubbish at that, in fact they seem to have no time for empathy or understanding at all. So, that's what I mean about not being Christian.

worshipping false idols etc

And brainwashing kids, jesus, it's unbelievable. They're put in an environment with an overload of visual and aural stimulus, in big groups with everyone shouting, and occasionally speaking in tongues... It is not surprising you see many children in this film totally overcome with emotion. It's too much for them to handle. It's not fair. It is also remarkably similar to modern "non-violent" torture methods, designed to disorient captives and leave them more open to suggestion. Very Christian Stuff.

It's this film where you also get to meet a pre-scandal Ted "male prostitute/drug using" Haggard explaining how Church is popular with kids because unlike public school, which tries to tell them they're animals, Church tells kids they're God's creation and very special. Awww.

I'm just finishing Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine", which I would urge anyone to read; it's an important book.

When I get tense and angry, to relax I either like to watch fat people falling over, or failing that, Skateboarding, so here's some of that:

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