Saturday, 22 March 2008

evasive thinking

Over in Drowned in Sound (link right) they have an "exclusive preview" of Portishead's third album "third". Now they flew all the way to Berlin, and were given the album to listen to on special "personlised i-pod's", during the flight.
I expect the i-pod was programmed to explode after one listen, too, to keep everything under wraps prior to the album's release next month.

So who put it on the internet a couple of weeks ago? Why didn't "drowned in sound" save the environment by sitting their bottoms in their offices and downloading it, instead of hauling themselves on a secret mission to get a free trip to Berlin.
Now, I downloaded it, and I will buy it when it's released (as I like it). But I'm not principled enough to wait two months to hear something when I can hear it today. I'm also not snobby enough to pretend I have to fly to Berlin to hear something, when I don't.
If Portishead wanted to keep their album secret, they shouldn't have given it to obviously disloyal people who put it on the web. And since that happened, they needn't have continued with the charade that journalists (who love free stuff) be brought to "preview" the record like some freeloading James Bonds.

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